Mobile Mammoth Level 1 Program

The MMLv1 Program is a 6 week program where fitness and education collide that will provide value for a beginner or experienced lifter. Incorporating mobility & stability training, strength training, cardiovascular training & mind body connection. This program consists of 6 workouts per week with educational instruction and complimentary videos that provide invaluable information surrounding your personal physical fitness goal. Welcome and lets get after it team, MAKE YOUR BODY READY 🦣

Plan Includes

  • Functional pattern based 6 week program that includes: 2x a week of cardiovascular training, 3x a week of weight training, and 7 days a week of Mobility in multiple forms.

  • High quality audio overlay, 1080p video, and written instruction for optimal learning and application

  • Educational videos and uploads to teach the what behind the why.

  • Half of a year of access & ability to rerun the program with progressions

How it works

  • Purchase the MMLv1 Program via the website or app.
  • You’ll receive a welcome email that contains a signup or login page via the Mobile Mammoth app.
  • Fill out initial paperwork via the app
  • The workouts will be on your schedule and you’ll be ready to get started the same day you purchase it!
  • Get after it team, MAKE YOUR BODIES READY 🦣
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6 months

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